Nature vs. Nurture

Match Vocabulary with Similar Meaning

Column 1 Column 2
DNA act
environment impact
characteristics raise
gender surroundings
bring up personality
behave traits
personality sex
influence genes

Put the Missing Words in the Sentences

-brain   -handed down   -positive   -impact   -genes   -debate   -influence   -structure   -argued

“The nature versus nurture ________ has been an issue that philosophers, scientists and medical professional have_______ about for centuries. Which has a stronger______ on your behavior and health? Your______ or your environment? If a person wins the Nobel Prize, is it because of his DNA being_______ from his/her ancestors or because of a_____ study environment? Many scientists now argue that they are both closely linked together. Genes can_______ the environments we live in while a person’s environment and experience can alters both the physical_______ and activity of the_______.”